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About Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy at Annaii Medical College & Hospital was established in the Year since 2021. The Department of Anatomy is functioning in two wings on the Ground floor. Learning anatomy is an essential part of Health Science Education.

The Department Excel in providing quality medical education and enable students to face competition and also provide high-quality teaching to medical students.

To provide an opportunity for medical undergraduates students to learn Gross Anatomy, Comparative anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy, and Developmental Anatomy, genetics.

Dissection Hall

A very spacious and well-ventilated dissection hall has an infrastructure of 325 Sq.m with a capacity of 150 students. The Department has the capacity to provide 10 Cadavers for dissection and demonstration for 150 students. Complete stainless-steel tables are provided with a group of 15 students for each table. The dissection facility is available for students on a rotation basis under the faculty's guidance for each table. The department provides a complete articulated bone set and Disarticulate bones to every table. More than 100 coloured charts and History of Anatomy Charts and X–Ray Lobbies are organized over the walls of Dissection Hall. It has ample space to accommodate the Embalming Room and Cadaver storage, Storeroom, and Lockers Room.


A spacious area of 200 Sq.m with a teaching area, it has an ample number of dissected and preserved specimens, fetal anomalies, articulated skeletons, disarticulated bones, various models, and Charts. A separate area for X-ray lobbies to display X–rays and CT and MRI Films.

Histology lab

Area of 200 Sq.m with teaching area, well equipped with Monocular and Binocular microscopes. It is provided to each student during practical with a good illumination facility over laboratory examination tables. The department provides an individual set of slides for every student to study during lab sessions. A Separate complete theory class on histology topic followed by a demo and provided stained slides for every student. Colored charts of all tissues are displayed over the wall of the Histology Lab. Preparation room and store room, Technician rooms are accommodated within the lab.



Histology Lab