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About Blood Bank

In the institution of Annaii Medical College and Hospital (Rajalakshmi Health City), the blood bank section is well equipped and maintained for the storage, preparation and supply of whole blood and components to all needy departments. It works around the clock on all the days of the year. We are conducting blood donation camps periodically. It caters to other nearby hospitals as well. The Blood Bank is managed by trained faculty, skilled technicians and dedicated nursing staff members. Both whole human blood and separated blood components are available and stocked in the blood bank, both for routine and emergency situations. The blood bank has adequate equipment for all the processes and tests. The donors’ blood bags are thoroughly screened for transfusion-transmitted infections [TTIs]. The blood bank has put in place the necessary steps to ensure the accuracy of blood collection and issue, storage, separation, testing, reporting and all other blood bank activities.

Laboratory Premises

Our Blood Bank is furnished with high equipment and instruments with the latest products and fully serviced.

Available Sections

  • Donor waiting area and reception
  • Medical officer room
  • Donor pre testing and counselling area
  • Donor bleeding room
  • Grouping cross matching room
  • TTI screening room
  • Component preparation area
  • Components storage area
  • Sterilization room includes autoclave and
  • Store room


Blood Banking and Immuno Haematology

Our blood bank is fully equipped & licensed for blood collection (phlebotomy), TTI serological Screening with ELISA, Component separation, storage of Components and issues of blood components based on requirements.


The blood bank collects and stores blood and its components from voluntary donors. We strictly avoid professional donors or paid donors who have tended to spread TTIs.

Pre Screening

Donor registration

Medical examination includes detailed clinical history, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature and general medical examination.

Post Phlebotomy


Donor care with Emergency drugs and O2 when needed

Information Education and Communication [IEC] –Materials

Government approved IEC materials are displayed and provided for patients to motivate them and to make them a permanent voluntary donor. Donors are provided with appreciation certificates and donor card which help them with future donation.


  • Blood Grouping and Typing
  • Cross Matching and Compatibility Test

TTI Screening With Elisa

  • HIV –1/2 with 4th Gen ELISA (Ag, Ab)
  • HCV Microlisa
  • HBs Ag Hepalisa
  • Rapid Test-Immuno Chromatography Test
  • VDRL-Syphilis R.P.R Techniques
  • Malarial parasites: PAN+ PF (malarial antigen)
  • Micro Filaria –Peripheral Smear

Antibody Detection

  • Indirect Coombs TestDirect Coombs Test
  • Auto Agglutination Test
  • Bombay O(OH)
  • Irregular Ab Testing
  • Incomplete Ag and DU Test
  • Identifying Warm And Cold Ab

Blood Component Separation

Whole Blood separation is done in our blood bank using the refrigerated centrifuge into Packed Red Cells (PRC), Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Platelet Concentrate (PC)/Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Cryoprecipitate.

Issue Of Blood

In our blood bank we issue Concentrated Red Cells, Platelet Concentrate Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryoprecipitate based on requests from several clinical departments, including general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, Pediatrics, orthopedics, general medicine, pulmonary medicine, nephrology, cardiac as well as emergency and trauma cases. Whole blood is issued rarely and only when specifically indicated.Here the blood bank also facilitates autologic blood donation when necessary, Therapeutic Phlebotomy and Exchange Transfusion.


The transfusion reaction form is duly got back by the blood bank. In the case of transfusion reaction, which is rare, all the necessary tests are methodically done based on standard guidelines by the blood bank to identify the reasons.

Blood Component Separation

Whole Blood separation is done in our blood bank using the refrigerated centrifuge into Packed Red Cells (PRC), Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Platelet Concentrate (PC)/Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Cryoprecipitate.


  • Haemoglobinometer
  • Incubators
  • Centrifuge
  • Domestic Refrigerators
  • Binocular Microscopes
  • Blood Collection Monitor –Haemomixers
  • Wheecon Segment Sealers
  • RemiDi Electric Sealer,
  • Remi Haemosealer
  • Laminar air Flow
  • Hitachi Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Wheecon Plasma Expressor
  • Wheecon Platelet Agitator With Incubator
  • Wheecon Blood Bank Refrigerator
  • Kaltis Deep Freezers [-80°C ]
  • Wheecon Deep Freezers [-30°C]
  • Wheecon Plasma Thawing Bath
  • Wheecon Cryobath
  • Autoclave
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Colorimeter
  • Wheecon ELISA Reader and Washer
  • VDRL shaker
  • Rapid kits for emergency screening for TTIs
  • Instruments Are Duly Calibrated And Maintained With Annual maintenance contract


Our Blood Bank Is Participating in EQAS Programs of Transfusion Medicine module of the CMC-EQAS program

NACO –State Reference Laboratory, JIPMER EQAS And Quality Control Programme We Prove Our Excellency In Each Time Of EQAS Quadrant In CMC EQAS And NACO –PACS Qc Programs

Bio Medical Waste Management System & Sterilization

We are maintaining a Bio Waste Management System and a Waste Disposal System with Proper Color Coding System. Bio Medical Wastes are issued for Incineration twice a Day with Proper Records.

Every bio waste (hazardous blood or contaminated with blood) will be autoclaved and verified by a supervisor, medical officer, and health inspector before being issued for incineration.

BMW management was carried out by Pondicherry solid waste management– Tuthipet-approved by the government of India.


We are sterilizing the lab premises, equipment and reusable Items. In each session, we are using best disinfectants and antiseptics for sterilization. All reusable items are Autoclaved and UV treated before the use.

Future Projects

To establish our Blood Bank with Apheresis Donation facilities and clotting factors replacement for hemophilia patients.