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Clinical Focus

The Department of Community Medicine at Annaii Medical College Hospital manages one Rural Health and one Urban Health and Training Centre. Here the undergraduate students are trained on clinical and social aspects of disease, in addition to the service provided to the community

Currently, the subject of Community Medicine in MBBS courses includes training at Rural Health Training Centers affiliated with every medical college. Students are required to train there throughout their 4.5 years of medical education to help get them acquainted with community-oriented primary healthcare centers and India’s rural healthcare system.

SL No Name Location Population Coverage
1 RHTC- Rural Health and Training Center Puthunallur 39667
2 UHTC- Urban Health and Training Center Sriperumbudur 36526


  1. To provide preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitative services to the field practice areas of Rural and Urban Health Centres.
  2. To provide primary health services and referral services at Rural and Urban Health Centres.
  3. To develop undergraduates as primary care physicians to recognize, identify, prioritize and manage community health and social problems.
  4. To guide undergraduates in performing Family Adoption Program and community health research activities.
  5. To implement, monitor, and evaluate the National Health programs in the field practice area of Rural and Urban Health Centres.